Tokyo Art Co., Ltd., Tokyo (Kanto) Factory

Industrial domain:Paper Proc. Plate Making & Printing Materials

Needs:Processing Design & Manufacturing Sale

3rd Advertising < Packages are the third advertising media >

How much color can we add in the little drama of "Articles Are Wrapped And Carried"?
The boundaries implied by calling us the package maker no longer apply. We are constantly seeking new challenges.

TEL +81-47-408-2155

Andou Company, Y.K.

Industrial domain:Cutting & Grinding Machinery & Elec. Equip. Design & Assembly

Needs:Processing Design & Manufacturing

We are specialized in machinery parts manufacturing using multi-tasking machines.

We are specialized in processing tough materials such as Inconel, stainless steel and Hastelloy in addition to general steel to manufacture complex parts for construction and transportation machinery using CAD/CAM machines and coordinate measuring machines.

TEL +81-47-451-1266

Ashizawa Finetech Ltd.

Industrial domain:Cutting & Grinding Machinery & Elec. Equip. Design & Assembly

Needs:Research & Study Processing Design & Manufacturing Sale

Our slogan is “Expand the possibilities with our Fine Particle Technology”

This slogan is the main principle of our company since its establishment and, at the same time, a promise made to our customers. During more than 100 years, we have been constantly dealing with challenges to achieve technological innovations following the development of society. As a venture company that pioneered new businesses in the Nano Process Technology sector, our company dedicates itself to realizing the vision of our customers that seek to utilize or produce high-value added materials and products. We will continue to provide the best manufacturing service possible based on our Fine Particle Technology.

TEL +81-47-453-8111

Daichi wo Mamoru Kai Co., Ltd., Narashino Distribution Center

Industrial domain:Food & Bio-products Health Transp., Logistics & Warehousing

Needs:Processing Sale

We produce and distribute safe and healthy food to build a "face-to-face relationship" with people who eat our products.

Under the concept that "Instead of warning about the risks of chemicals, why don't we start by producing agrochemical-free radishes, and then delivering and eating them," we have increased the self-sufficiency rate and valued the ecosystem. We also implement strict traceability to be always able to communicate about who produced what and how, and which routes were followed to reach here. In our Center, products are divided into three temperature zones and centralized temperature management has been introduced.

TEL +81-47-408-0777

Ducks Co., FP Corporation group

Industrial domain:Resins & Plastics Food & Bio-products Health

Needs:Processing Design & Manufacturing

We offer food trays according to every need of our customers.

As a special subsidiary company of FP Corporation (listed on the First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange), we manufacture various types of PSP food trays and contribute actively to society by employing 20 intellectually disabled people. Please contact us if you have any need regarding food tray manufacturing.

TEL +81-47-452-2711

F Corporation, K.K.

Industrial domain:Surface & Heat treatment


We are the only company in Chiba prefecture that can perform electroless nickel plating for aluminum.

We perform electroless nickel plating on super-precision aluminum items and super-precision iron items from a single product to bigger lots.

TEL +81-47-405-2116

Higuchi Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Industrial domain:Sheet Metal Press & Plating Dies & Jigs


Manufacturing of products through 'Challenges to achieving a new and enhanced quality' supported by "trust and quality management"

We respond quickly to customers needs and provide solutions for metal press processing (including drawing, prototype production and mass production) of automobile parts and other parts that require high functionality and high precision. We have continuously tried to improve our technical level in line with the development of the automobile industry and follow the QCD principle to produce highly functional high-precision metal parts by using proprietary technologies regarding molds, jigs and inspection instruments. We have obtained ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification.

TEL +81-47-473-2111

Ishibashi Inc.

Industrial domain:Sheet Metal Press & Plating

Needs:Research & Study Processing Design & Manufacturing

A manufacturing factory that "meets customer needs by stainless steel processing"

Over the years, we have been pursuing precision and beauty of appearance (such as functional beauty and satin finish) in our metal work that includes stainless steel plate processing, welding, and manufacturing of powder containers and food processing machinery. We provide comprehensive services (material processing, surface finishing, assembly) to satisfy our customers.

TEL +81-47-453-3500

Josho Printing, K.K.

Industrial domain:Paper Proc. Plate Making & Printing

Needs:Processing Design & Manufacturing

Josho Printing for your satisfaction!

We respond to customers’ demands not only with low prices, but also with quick delivery, superior quality and great design. - I need business cards for tomorrow! - Do I need to print stickers!? This is my first time and I don’t know what to do! - I wrote my text on Word but the visual is awful... I need it to be changed before printing! We, at Josho Printing, can solve these problems. We help you with our “prices”, “quality” and “delivery”.

TEL +81-47-455-5161

Kawaguchi Mechanic, Y.K., Narashino Factory

Industrial domain:Cutting & Grinding Machinery & Elec. Equip. Design & Assembly

Needs:Processing Design & Manufacturing

Please contact us for any inquiries regarding manufacturing of machinery parts and other machine related issues.

Polishing performed by our skilled mechanics is one of our company's selling points. We can produce prototypes or a single part (overall processing) for precision machinery. Our small business size allows us to quickly respond to customer demands. We satisfy a wide range of customer needs, such as precision work, design of small machine tools and industrial machinery, parts manufacturing, assembly and repair work.

TEL +81-47-475-8908