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Ishibashi Inc.

A manufacturing factory that "meets customer needs by stainless steel processing"

Over the years, we have been pursuing precision and beauty of appearance (such as functional beauty and satin finish) in our metal work that includes stainless steel plate processing, welding, and manufacturing of powder containers and food processing machinery. We provide comprehensive services (material processing, surface finishing, assembly) to satisfy our customers.
Postal code


Address 1-2-20 Akanehama, Narashino-shi
Phone number +81-47-453-3500
Fax +81-47-453-3505
Representative director

Junji Ishibashi


Capital 10million yen
Number of employees 17

Business activities

- Stainless steel products welding and metal sheet processing
- Manufacturing of machines for powder and grain materials, food processing equipment and chemical factory machinery
- Manufacturing of environment pollution prevention equipment

Main products and processes

- Screw feeders
- Screw conveyors
- Powder storage tanks
- Toilet cyclone flushing systems

Facilities and equipment

  • - One AMADA NC bending machine (L2400 mm)
  • - One Sasaki Yuki Kogyo bending machine (L1000 mm)
  • - One AMADA shearing machine (thickness up to 4mm x 2000mm)
  • - One unit of FUJISEIKI surface treatment bead blaster for finishing (satin finish)
  • - One unit of rolling machine (three rolls, 1200mm in width)
  • - 10 units of Panasonic TIG welders (capacity 300A)
  • - One unit of Panasonic semi-automatic welder (capacity 300A)
  • - One unit of lathe (180 cm)
  • - One unit of milling machine
  • - One unit of overhead crane (2t) and one unit of overhead crane (2.8t)