Kobayashi Shinwa Tekko K.K.

Industrial domain:Cutting & Grinding Dies & Jigs


We provide service based on our motto, “Taking advantage of advanced technology and reliable quality.”

We meet the needs of metal processing solutions in a wide range of domains, such as automobile break molds manufacturing and steel & printer roll processing, using small lot production methods.

TEL +81-47-473-3151


Koide Roll Ironworks Co., Ltd.

Industrial domain:Resins & Plastics Cutting & Grinding


We achieve innovation with strategic business expansion that responds to the needs of our time.

We respond to the needs of our customers by manufacturing a wide range of high-quality products in a quick delivery time. We aim to expand our business to new engineering domains to become a comprehensive machining manufacturer by increasing our technical level and introducing new processing equipment.

TEL +81-47-475-3811


Koyo Seisakusyo, Co., Ltd.

Industrial domain:Sheet Metal Press & Plating Machinery & Elec. Equip. Design & Assembly

Needs:Processing Design & Manufacturing

We are always taking on new challenges while cherishing the harmony among people.

We are specialized in stainless steel plate processing and manufacturing of power saving machinery, and provide comprehensive services, ranging from design and production to installation. We can also respond to single item processing, short lead time orders, prototype processing, etc. Please feel free to contact us for inquiry.

TEL +81-47-451-5526


Kyoshin-Industry Co., Ltd.

Industrial domain:Resins & Plastics

Needs:Processing Design & Manufacturing

Integral molded plastic + plastic or plastic + other material products

We are specialized in integral molding of products made of two types of plastic or of plastic and another material. We also manufacture and sell original products developed in-house.

TEL +81-47-475-0472


Maruyama Koumuten Co., Ltd.

Industrial domain:Installation & Construction

Needs:Processing Design & Manufacturing

We help in building a bright and rich society.

At Maruyama Koumuten, we have unique strengths!
We can provide highly-precise explanations and quotations thanks to our dominant experience and technical level in the industry.
- Established in 1960. → Rich experience and know-how
- Owns a wide variety of pipes, pumps and other materials necessary for a wellpoint system.
- Retains lots of certified technicians in wellpoints (government certification).

TEL +81-47-451-1521


Miyako Kiko Co., Ltd., Keiyo Branch

Industrial domain:Machinery & Elec. Equip. Design & Assembly Installation & Construction

Needs:Processing Design & Manufacturing

We are specialized in industrial equipment related to creative design and manufacturing ("monozukuri"). We respond to all customers’ needs, from production of a single bottle to design and production of labor-saving equipment.

TEL +81-47-470-2900


Nikkoukikai, Ltd.

Industrial domain:Sheet Metal Resins & Plastics Cutting & Grinding Dies & Jigs Machinery & Elec. Equip. Design & Assembly Materials

Needs:Processing Sale

We flap to the future.

We cooperate with lots of manufacturers and offer a wide range of high-quality products to provide services tailored to suit the needs of the times.

TEL +81-47-452-1811


Nishimaki, K.K.

Industrial domain:Surface & Heat treatment


We are specialized in baking finish.

We respond to all customers needs regarding coating and painting, from metal baking finish to automatic electrostatic finishing, powder coating and fluoropolymer coating. Based on our rich experience and expertise, we provide quick delivery according to customers demands.

TEL +81-47-452-2411

Omata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Industrial domain:Sheet Metal

Needs:Processing Design & Manufacturing

We guarantee traceability of bent metal sheets and parts produced with high-performance bending brakes.

We guarantee the precision of parts by using a bending machine with an angle inspection function (first machine of this type introduced in Chiba prefecture) that checks the angles. Our parts bent with high precision and processed with laser machining have been employed in a wide range of industrial machinery such as injection molding machines, pumps and elevators.

TEL +81-47-473-2126

Pal.Meat Co., Ltd.

Industrial domain:Food & Bio-products Health

Needs:Processing Sale

Processing, manufacturing and wholesale of animal products of Pal System group

Our company is responsible for the animal husbandry department of the Pal System group cooperative. We provide beef, pork and chicken meat selected for increased safety and wholesomeness directly from local farms in Japan.

TEL +81-47-403-2955