Ito Seisakusho, K.K.

Industrial domain:Dies & Jigs

Needs:Design & Manufacturing Sale

We sell our own products in hardware stores throughout Japan.

We manufacture each item with special care like craftspeople to provide safe and secure products to our customers. We sell our products in hardware stores throughout Japan via wholesalers.

TEL +81-47-479-5511

Japan Cloid Industry Co., Ltd.

Industrial domain:Machinery & Elec. Equip. Design & Assembly

Needs:Design & Manufacturing Sale

These special gear and rotary pumps bring solutions to transfer of all types of high viscosity fluids.

Thanks to continuous curve elicloid gear pumps developed in-house, we guarantee eco-friendly, highly efficient, low-vibration and low-noise operation. These pumps are mainly used in chemical and food manufacturing plants and about 150,000 units of them are now in service in over 100 countries around the world.

TEL +81-47-452-8181

Josho Printing, K.K.

Industrial domain:Paper Proc. Plate Making & Printing

Needs:Processing Design & Manufacturing

Josho Printing for your satisfaction!

We respond to customers’ demands not only with low prices, but also with quick delivery, superior quality and great design. - I need business cards for tomorrow! - Do I need to print stickers!? This is my first time and I don’t know what to do! - I wrote my text on Word but the visual is awful... I need it to be changed before printing! We, at Josho Printing, can solve these problems. We help you with our “prices”, “quality” and “delivery”.

TEL +81-47-455-5161

Kawaguchi Mechanic, Y.K., Narashino Factory

Industrial domain:Cutting & Grinding Machinery & Elec. Equip. Design & Assembly

Needs:Processing Design & Manufacturing

Please contact us for any inquiries regarding manufacturing of machinery parts and other machine related issues.

Polishing performed by our skilled mechanics is one of our company's selling points. We can produce prototypes or a single part (overall processing) for precision machinery. Our small business size allows us to quickly respond to customer demands. We satisfy a wide range of customer needs, such as precision work, design of small machine tools and industrial machinery, parts manufacturing, assembly and repair work.

TEL +81-47-475-8908

Kawashima Shoten, Y.K.

Industrial domain:Materials


General paint and painting equipment

Feel free to contact us for a free consultation about paint and painting.

TEL +81-47-476-9214

Keitokusha Ltd., Chiba Sales Office

Industrial domain:Paper Proc. Plate Making & Printing


We deliver and sale our products quickly and accurately thanks to our strong delivery network.

We have been working for the Yomiuri Shimbun since our establishment as their unique distributor. You can find only four sales companies like us in Japan. We have built a strong sales system around the capital region based on 16 sales centers in order to respond to the needs of our customers. We are also affiliated to the Japan Publication Wholesalers Association.

TEL +81-47-453-2551

Keiyo Sokuryo K.K.

Industrial domain:Installation & Construction

Needs:Research & Study

A company that provides spatial information solution in the age of IT

As the leading company of the measurement design industry in Chiba prefecture, we provide high-quality services to governmental organizations, municipalities in Chiba prefecture and a lot of private companies using our precise measurement techniques and computer mapping skills cultivated over many years.

TEL +81-47-454-3411

KITZ Engineering Service Co., Ltd.

Industrial domain:Installation & Construction

Needs:Design & Manufacturing Sale

We offer superior services as professionals of valve maintenance.

As a group company of KITZ Corporation (a general manufacturer of fluid control devices specialized in valves) responsible for maintenance services, we provide effective solutions to our customers’ variety of needs in a short period of time, including services such as on site inspection, meetings on specifications, repair and modification. We are looking forward to working with you.

TEL +81-47-452-0585

Kobayashi Hake Seizosho

Industrial domain:Dies & Jigs

Needs:Design & Manufacturing Sale

More than 100 years have passed since our establishment

Since our establishment in 1907, we have been manufacturing brushes used by picture framers to repair pictures, mainly hanging scrolls and fusuma paper panels. With the recent popularization of Japanese traditional pictures in foreign countries, the number of Japanese picture restorers is increasing in foreign countries and so is the use of brushes for this work.

TEL +81-47-472-3431

Kobayashi Shinwa Tekko K.K.

Industrial domain:Cutting & Grinding Dies & Jigs


We provide service based on our motto, “Taking advantage of advanced technology and reliable quality.”

We meet the needs of metal processing solutions in a wide range of domains, such as automobile break molds manufacturing and steel & printer roll processing, using small lot production methods.

TEL +81-47-473-3151