Hanwa Logistics Tokyo Co., Ltd.

Industrial domain:Transp., Logistics & Warehousing

Needs:Transportation & Storage

We optimize logistics coordination to become a logistics company of the 21st century.

We own one of the largest steel yards in Japan and a berth where ships of up to 50,000 tons can stop.
We have the warehousing, processing and logistics capabilities required to respond to the various needs of customers.
We will construct a new logistics system supporting e-commerce in order to increase the revenues of our customers.

TEL +81-47-454-8001


Heart Hikkoshi Center Co., Ltd., Chiba Center

Industrial domain:Transp., Logistics & Warehousing

Needs:Transportation & Storage

We guarantee affordable and stress-free moving with satisfying plan and costs.

Thanks to your lasting support, we have been providing moving services for 25 years and have opened 30 directly-managed centers all over Japan. We strive to provide “Heartful” moving services by transporting important moving packages according to customers' environment. Upon request, we also provide service to buy furniture and electronic appliances (except in some areas), as well as books, CD, games and other items at time of moving.


Higuchi Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Industrial domain:Sheet Metal Press & Plating Dies & Jigs


Manufacturing of products through 'Challenges to achieving a new and enhanced quality' supported by "trust and quality management"

We respond quickly to customers needs and provide solutions for metal press processing (including drawing, prototype production and mass production) of automobile parts and other parts that require high functionality and high precision. We have continuously tried to improve our technical level in line with the development of the automobile industry and follow the QCD principle to produce highly functional high-precision metal parts by using proprietary technologies regarding molds, jigs and inspection instruments. We have obtained ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification.

TEL +81-47-473-2111


Hitachi Industrial Equipment Drive & Solutions Co., Ltd.

Industrial domain:Machinery & Elec. Equip. Design & Assembly Installation & Construction Chemistry & Environment Energy


We help create environments that are friendly to people and the planet.

We create, maintain and enhance "natural environment", "living environment" and "working environment" to provide peace of mind and kindness to people by solving their issues and problems with our technical skills and our sincerity.

TEL +81-47-477-5300


Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd., Narashino Division

Industrial domain:Machinery & Elec. Equip. Design & Assembly

Needs:Research & Study Design & Manufacturing Sale

We provide solutions that contribute to the environment and energy saving.

Having inherited traditional technology of motors from which Hitachi, Ltd. (established in 1910) started, we will provide best solution systems in the most suitable form by manufacturing system products and base components including motors, inverters for control devices, pumps for applied parts, vortex blowers, pressure ventilation fans using state-of-the-art technologies.

TEL +81-47-493-9202


Hitachi KE Systems, Ltd.

Industrial domain:ICT Software

Needs:Design & Manufacturing Sale

TEL +81-47-477-3111


Ichikawa Kankyo Engineering Co., Ltd., Environment and Recycling Office, Narashino Recycling Center

Industrial domain:Resins & Plastics Chemistry & Environment Energy

Needs:Research & Study

We propose recycling methods adapted to a recycling society.

In this Center, we recycle mainly used paper and plastics. For used paper, we offer methods to sort, manage and recycle all kinds of paper, from cardboard boxes to confidential documents. For plastics, we perform material recycling by sorting them with high precision.

TEL +81-47-451-1711


Ichiko Shoten, K.K.

Industrial domain:Materials

Needs:Design & Manufacturing Sale

We provide and repair refractory materials for various types of industrial furnaces and kilns.

We provide molded products made with refractory materials and processed products such as nets to detect hot water leakage in a short delivery period. We renovate industrial furnaces and repair ceramic kilns. In addition, we build or repair masonry ovens.

TEL +81-47-474-0151

Ishibashi Inc.

Industrial domain:Sheet Metal Press & Plating

Needs:Research & Study Processing Design & Manufacturing

A manufacturing factory that "meets customer needs by stainless steel processing"

Over the years, we have been pursuing precision and beauty of appearance (such as functional beauty and satin finish) in our metal work that includes stainless steel plate processing, welding, and manufacturing of powder containers and food processing machinery. We provide comprehensive services (material processing, surface finishing, assembly) to satisfy our customers.

TEL +81-47-453-3500


Ishiguro Corporation, Narashino Branch

Industrial domain:Materials Installation & Construction


We satisfy our customers with our capacity to provide them with a wide variety of products in a short time regardless of lot size.

We are the number one trading company in terms of sales of piping products and housing equipment thanks to our wide sales network based in the Kanto region and covering all Japan, from Hokkaido to Kyushu, and its long history of more than 75 years. We are also a general wholesaler of piping materials, housing equipment and measuring instruments who delivers its products via its nationwide sales network in Japan.

TEL +81-47-453-2161