Industrial domain

Installation & Construction

Keiyo Sokuryo K.K.

A company that provides spatial information solution in the age of IT

As the leading company of the measurement design industry in Chiba prefecture, we provide high-quality services to governmental organizations, municipalities in Chiba prefecture and a lot of private companies using our precise measurement techniques and computer mapping skills cultivated over many years.
Postal code


Address 3-4-6 Akanehama, Narashino-shi
Phone number +81-47-454-3411

Japanese only

Fax +81-47-451-3416
Representative director

Masami Hayashi


Capital 100million yen
Number of employees 73

Business activities

- Aerial photogrammetry and sale of aerial photographs
- Civil engineering consulting, ground and other surveying
- Creation of information systems and spatial data

Main products and processes

- Since 1967, we have been collecting and selling aerial photographs in the entire Chiba prefecture.
- We are a group of experts made of more than 40 professional engineers with extensive experience.

Facilities and equipment

  • - TOPCON first-class GPS measuring device GRS-1
  • - First-class Total Station
  • - Digital mapping system (ImageStation)