Miyako Kiko Co., Ltd., Keiyo Branch

Industrial domain:Machinery & Elec. Equip. Design & Assembly Installation & Construction

Needs:Processing Design & Manufacturing

We are specialized in industrial equipment related to creative design and manufacturing ("monozukuri"). We respond to all customers’ needs, from production of a single bottle to design and production of labor-saving equipment.

TEL +81-47-470-2900


Miyakoshi Printing Machinery, Co., Ltd.

Industrial domain:Paper Proc. Plate Making & Printing Machinery & Elec. Equip. Design & Assembly ICT Software

Needs:Design & Manufacturing Sale

We are a general printing machine manufacturer that has strong design and development capabilities.

We have been constantly developing a wide variety of printing production systems to respond to the changes of the printing environment over time. Since the establishment of our company, Miyakoshi has fostered strong technology through research on state-of-the-art techniques, innovative ideas and its rich experience.

TEL +81-47-493-3854


Murayama Kikai Seisakusho, K.K.

Industrial domain:Cutting & Grinding

Needs:Design & Manufacturing

We manufacture various kinds of parts by processing and producing rolls and using machine processing.

We are specialized in parts processing using NC lathes of up to 200 mm in diameters and drilling using machining centers. We can process, grind and assemble rolls of up to 150 mm in diameter. We also provide repair service by dismantling, installing and grinding rolls.

TEL +81-47-451-1262

NDC Co., Ltd.

Industrial domain:Press & Plating Dies & Jigs Machinery & Elec. Equip. Design & Assembly Materials

Needs:Design & Manufacturing

We aim to become a company that contributes to society by manufacturing and selling high-quality products.

We provide automobile, construction machinery, ship and OA equipment manufacturers with high-quality metal alloy and plastic bearings.
We also provide sound-absorbing/soundproof materials developed by using porous sintered material of aluminum powder.

TEL +81-47-477-1122


Nesstech Inc.

Industrial domain:Machinery & Elec. Equip. Design & Assembly

Needs:Design & Manufacturing

60 years of know-how in eco-friendly gearless temperature and pressure gauge

Nesstech is a leading manufacturer that develops and provides temperature and pressure measuring instruments. Our instruments are used in multiple sectors, including the energy sector for social infrastructure such as electricity and natural gas. Our products are best characterized by their high durability. As a leading company of gearless temperature and pressure gauges, we have been continuously providing products according to the needs of our customers.

TEL +81-47-453-1182


Nichiha Matex Co., Ltd., Narashino Factory

Industrial domain:Materials Installation & Construction

Needs:Design & Manufacturing

We provide our exterior building materials that protect your living environment and make it more comfortable.

Nichiha's exterior building materials are: (1) Resistant to earthquakes (reduced load on structures with half the weight of mortar) , (2) Resistant to fire (superior fire-retardant and fireproof characteristics) , (3) Resistant to structural wear (increased resistance and comfort by integrating a passage for air flow at the back of the surface) , (4) Resistant to aesthetical wear (resistant to color fading, and self-cleaning capacity with rainwater).

TEL +81-47-472-2131


Nippon Steel SG Wire Co., Ltd., Narashino Works

Industrial domain:Materials

Needs:Design & Manufacturing

We support the world in the field of “wire”.

We are a global special steel wire manufacturer that boasts strong market share inside and outside Japan with our wires for high-quality springs used in the automobile sector.
In addition to the automobile industry, we also contribute to society in a wide range of domains, such as home appliances, precision and communications devices, civil engineering work and medical devices.

TEL 81-47-476-3111


Omata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Industrial domain:Sheet Metal

Needs:Processing Design & Manufacturing

We guarantee traceability of bent metal sheets and parts produced with high-performance bending brakes.

We guarantee the precision of parts by using a bending machine with an angle inspection function (first machine of this type introduced in Chiba prefecture) that checks the angles. Our parts bent with high precision and processed with laser machining have been employed in a wide range of industrial machinery such as injection molding machines, pumps and elevators.

TEL +81-47-473-2126

Orido Shaji Koumusho, Y.K.

Industrial domain:Installation & Construction

Needs:Design & Manufacturing

Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries regarding shrines and temples.

We accept orders regarding design and construction of building and ancillary facilities for shrines and temples.
We can also respond to custom home building and general wooden construction.

TEL +81-47-453-5616


Pacific Machinery & Engineering Co., Ltd.

Industrial domain:Machinery & Elec. Equip. Design & Assembly

Needs:Design & Manufacturing Sale

PME (Pacific Machinery & Engineering) is specialized in slurry pumps.

We offer a wide lineup of mixers and pumps for high-viscosity fluids, especially Warman pumps well-known worldwide for transportation of slurry. We contribute to society by providing our products to many industries including sectors of the environment industry such as water treatment solutions.

TEL +81-47-473-6181