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NDC Co., Ltd.

We aim to become a company that contributes to society by manufacturing and selling high-quality products.

We provide automobile, construction machinery, ship and OA equipment manufacturers with high-quality metal alloy and plastic bearings.
We also provide sound-absorbing/soundproof materials developed by using porous sintered material of aluminum powder.
Postal code


Address 2-39-1 Mimomi, Narashino-shi
Phone number +81-47-477-1122
Fax +81-47-477-1130
Representative director

Koji Ishihara


Capital 1,575million yen
Number of employees 400

Business activities

- Manufacturing of machinery for transportation
- Manufacturing of lubricated bearings, prelubricated bearings and non-lubricated bearings
- Design, manufacturing and installation of construction materials and sound-absorbing/soundproof materials

Main products and processes

- Lubricated bearings: half metal, bushes, thrust washers, and bearings for internal-combustion engines
- Non-lubricated bearings: Dry Star
- Sound-absorbing/soundproof materials: Calme, air blowing silencers

Facilities and equipment

  • - Continuous sintering equipment: leaded bronze alloy manufacturing, leveler, alloy powder scatter machine, two sintering furnaces, two rolling machines, cutter
  • - Continuous sintering and coating equipment: plastic bimetal manufacturing, leveler, alloy powder scatter machine, sintering furnace, PTFE coating, drying and sintering device, cutter
  • - Continuous processing equipment and individual machinery for half metal, bushes and thrust washers