Nichiha Matex Co., Ltd., Narashino Factory

Industrial domain:Materials Installation & Construction

Needs:Design & Manufacturing

We provide our exterior building materials that protect your living environment and make it more comfortable.

Nichiha's exterior building materials are: (1) Resistant to earthquakes (reduced load on structures with half the weight of mortar) , (2) Resistant to fire (superior fire-retardant and fireproof characteristics) , (3) Resistant to structural wear (increased resistance and comfort by integrating a passage for air flow at the back of the surface) , (4) Resistant to aesthetical wear (resistant to color fading, and self-cleaning capacity with rainwater).

TEL +81-47-472-2131

Orido Shaji Koumusho, Y.K.

Industrial domain:Installation & Construction

Needs:Design & Manufacturing

Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries regarding shrines and temples.

We accept orders regarding design and construction of building and ancillary facilities for shrines and temples.
We can also respond to custom home building and general wooden construction.

TEL +81-47-453-5616

Pearl Mannequin Co., Ltd., Pearl Depot Kanto Commercial Distribution Center

Industrial domain:Installation & Construction

Needs:Design & Manufacturing Sale

We are a “space creation company” that brings emotion and empathy to people with its warm-hearted creativity.

We focus on creating an inspiring and flourishing space through our visualization of customers concepts, creation of comfortable spaces, development of shop management software and manufacture of original mannequins. In addition, we are building sustainable partnership with our customers by developing sales and distribution systems well implemented in the area.

TEL +81-47-455-2161

Sanpo Kensetsu K.K.

Industrial domain:Installation & Construction


We treat crushed stone, gravel, and industrial waste.

TEL +81-47-451-5001

Toyo Engineering Corporation

Industrial domain:Installation & Construction Food & Bio-products Health

Needs:Research & Study Design & Manufacturing

TOYO is a comprehensive integrated engineering company operating globally.

As a global engineering company with more than 6,000 group employees, we have engaged in various projects to construct industrial facilities and build the infrastructure all around the world. We contribute to the development of society by creating a new value through a sustainable engineering that reconciles these projects essential to growth of a country or a region with environmental protection.

TEL +81-47-451-1111

Yokouchi Co., Ltd.

Industrial domain:Installation & Construction

Needs:Research & Study

We make an accurate survey of our clients' precious property to provide correct evaluation.

The purpose of our business is to allow residents of a city/prefecture to receive proper compensation for their property right in case of relocation following public works by correctly surveying and evaluating their land and property. We would like to use our know-how and skills to serve not only people responsible for public works, but also all the citizens who need to have their land and other property measured.

TEL +81-47-452-1311

Akiyama Lumbers Co., Ltd.

Industrial domain:Installation & Construction


Based in Narashino, we sell lumber, plywood, new construction materials, house construction materials and other materials.

We are well rooted in Chiba prefecture and are providing materials and services as a reliable partner of our customers. In addition to selling house construction materials, we have built a “CAD center” to design and draw structure framing plans for conventional wood construction methods, and are making every effort possible to provide better services that meet the needs of our time and to make new proposals, such as introducing of new materials.

TEL +81-47-476-5521

Narashino Giko, K.K.

Industrial domain:Installation & Construction

Needs:Design & Manufacturing

TEL +81-47-451-7317

Big Eye, K.K.

Industrial domain:Installation & Construction


We aim to contribute to society’s prosperity and world peace through our small renovation to new building construction activities.

We fully grasp the needs of our customers to keep providing living space that brings satisfaction to them. At the same time, we try to make it possible for employees and their families, as well as vendors to have a rich life. Our idea is that if all our customers and employees are happy, this will make the country richer and more prosperous, thus greatly contributing to the international community and bringing peace to the world.

TEL +81-47-470-7701

Shimizu Sheet

Industrial domain:Installation & Construction


TEL +81-47-452-3432