Industrial domain

Transp., Logistics & Warehousing

Logistics Center Business Division, Sumisho Global Logistics Co., Ltd.

We provide information capacity, trust and global networks unique to companies specialized both in trading and logistics.

We provide comprehensive and strong support to the supply chains of our customers using high added-value logistics centers thanks to our planning capacity as a global company specialized in trading and logistics and our result-based management ability.
We also manage several large e-commerce centers in Japan, such as our center in Akanehama, to provide our customers with e-commerce logistics solutions.
Postal code


Address 3-6-2 Akanehama, Narashino-shi
Phone number +81-47-455-1100

Japanese only

Fax +81-47-455-1101
Representative director

Katsuya Okihiro


Capital 1,356million yen
Number of employees 639

Business activities

Global logistics business
- 3PL
- Distribution and delivery centers
- International intermodal transport
- Agent for import, export, and domestic logistics
- Rental of Maxicon (small bulk containers)
- Foreign product inspection and buyer’s consolidation solutions
- Services associated or related to the above

Main products and processes

- E-commerce distribution services (B to C)
- Distribution services for wholesalers and retailers (B to B)
- Logistics for infrastructure construction companies (B to B)
- Distribution processing and product inspection services (domestic and international)
- International transportation
- Consulting

Facilities and equipment

  • Akanehama district
  • SGL Akanehama First Center: 6-story building with total floor area of approx. 56,000 m2
  • SGL Akanehama Second Center: 5-story building with total floor area of approx. 35,700 m2
  • SGL Akanehama Third Center: 4-story building with total floor area of approx. 38,900 m2
  • (SOSiLA Narashino Akanehama III)
  • Higashi-Narashino district
  • - SGL Higashi-Narashino Center: 4-story building with total floor area of approx. 64,400 m2
  • (Prologis park Narashino 5) total floor area for SGL of approx. 42,350 m2
  • - Metal frames (fireproof structures) in all centers
  • - Fully equipped with air conditioning (SGL Akanehama First and Second centers)
  • - 20 freight elevators, 11 stage lifts
  • - Highly-functional warehouse management system, security by electronic locks