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Renty Co., Ltd., Sales Division

We support people life by bringing them convenience at affordable prices.

We are a comprehensive rental company that deals with objects such as futons, electric appliances and business products. We bring comfort to people with our wide range of products and convenience to them with our fast and smooth delivery system. We also make the living environment more comfortable with our linen supply service. Our complete lineup of welfare equipment gives elderly family members a sense of security. We provide a new life style that reduces the burdens on the planet, family budget and people’s body.
Postal code


Address 2-6-7 Shibazono, Narashino-shi
Phone number +81-47-453-2105

Japanese only

Fax +81-47-453-2103
Representative director

Hiroshi Kamagata


Capital 18.05million yen
Number of employees 55

Business activities

- Rental and sale of futons, electric appliances, products for events, wheelchairs, etc.

Main products and processes

- Bedding sets
- Electric appliances
- Welfare equipment
- Business products
- Linen supply service
- Groundbreaking and completion ceremonies

Facilities and equipment

  • - Three units of Hi-cleaner SK50 opening and picking machines
  • - Four units of carding machines
  • - One unit of quadruple futon forming machine
  • - One unit of automatic cotton filling machine
  • - One unit of futon surface cleaner
  • - Four units of automatic washing machines
  • - Five units of dryers
  • - Eight units of cotton presses
  • - Three units of towel folders
  • - One units of disinfecting machine