Industrial domain

Surface & Heat treatment

Chemistry & Environment Energy

Shimazaki Netsushori Co., Ltd.

We perform heat treating of various products of different sizes.

We actively strive to achieve technical innovation by initiatives such as being the first in Japan to use advanced "High-Concentration Carburizing and Quenching" technology for sintered parts for automobile power components. We look forward to show our customers having trouble with heat treating distortion problems our next generation quenching hybrid system "Hyper Power Less Strain Quenching" including "Low-Pressure Controlled Quenching."
Postal code


Address 6-21-6 Higashi-Narashino, Narashino-shi
Phone number +81-47-473-0121

Japanese only

Fax +81-47-477-5587
Representative director

Toshiyuki Shimazaki


Capital 10million yen
Number of employees 20

Business activities

- Heat treating (including surface reforming) of metal products

Main products and processes

- Heat treatment of automobile parts and construction machinery parts

Facilities and equipment

  • - Two units of drop-type atmosphere-controlled heat treatment carburizing furnaces (600W×600H×1200L)
  • - Two units of atmosphere heat treatment furnaces (1800W×730H×3000L)
  • - One unit of atmosphere heat treatment furnace (1550W×1140H×3500L)
  • - One unit of large heat treatment furnace (2160W×1200H×6500L)
  • - One high-frequency induction hardening system (25 kHz, 150 kW φ25×50L to φ130×2000L)
  • - One unit of vacuum furnace (230W×230H×400L)
  • - One unit of continuous atmosphere heat treatment furnace (1100W×340H×5000L)
  • - One unit of nitriding furnace (φ500×1100H)
  • - One unit of salt bath furnace (φ900×1155H)