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Shiratori Foods Co., Ltd.

Shiratori Foods, your partner for selected food products and confectionery planning

We sell selected food products and confectioneries all over Japan to e-commerce companies and a wide range of other businesses.
One of our strengths is our capacity to timely deliver products for seasonal events all year long. Some of our own products are cans of fresh mackerel and Pacific saury from the fishing port of Choshi, and rice crackers made only with domestic ingredients. We also plan private-label products for retailers and help them build relationship with a large number of food product and confectionery factories.
Postal code


Address 2-3-7 Akanehama, Narashino-shi
Phone number +81-47-453-3421
Fax +81-47-453-3422
Representative director

Yutaka Shiratori


Capital 10million yen
Number of employees 4

Business activities

- Wholesale of food products (products direct from the farm, grocery products, beverage, Osechi New Year food (traditional New Year's food), midyear and year-end gifts, etc.) and confectioneries

Main products and processes

- Cans of mackerel with miso, cans of boiled mackerel, cans of mackerel with soy sauce, greater burdock rice crackers, onion rice cracker, etc.