Industrial domain

Transp., Logistics & Warehousing

Hanwa Logistics Tokyo Co., Ltd.

We optimize logistics coordination to become a logistics company of the 21st century.

We own one of the largest steel yards in Japan and a berth where ships of up to 50,000 tons can stop.
We have the warehousing, processing and logistics capabilities required to respond to the various needs of customers.
We will construct a new logistics system supporting e-commerce in order to increase the revenues of our customers.
Postal code


Address 3-7-2 Akanehama, Narashino-shi
Phone number +81-47-454-8001

Japanese only

Fax +81-47-454-8916
Representative director

Masahiro Kamei


Capital 100million yen
Number of employees 60

Business activities

- Warehousing
- Steel processing
- Logistics

Main products and processes

- Steel plates, steel bars and other processed products

Facilities and equipment

  • - Quay in reinforced concrete: 290m in length, water depth of 12m, berthing capacity of 50,000 tons
  • - Loading facilities: One overhead crane of 25t, 13 overhead cranes of 10t and four overhead cranes of 2.8t in Warehouse No.1; one overhead crane each of 33t, 28t and 25t, 11 overhead cranes of 10t, three overhead cranes each of 4.8t and 2.8t in Warehouse
  • - Loading capacity: 10,000t/day for Warehouse Nos.1 and 2, 5,000t/day for the quay
  • - Storage capacity: 150,000t for Warehouse Nos.1 and 2
  • - Processing facilities and capacity: Wide-flange steel beam cutting equipment (1,500t/month), two column cutting and beveling lines (2,000t/month)