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Shiratori Wellpharma, K.K.

We sell via Internet dietary supplements made with the quality standards and 100 years of know-how of a pharmaceutical company.

We are an affiliated company of Shiratori Pharmaceutical established 100 years ago. We sell to general consumers via Internet health food products and supplements designed and produced with the same quality as other products of the Shiratori Group in GMP certified factories. Our supplements combine a wide range of original and popular materials and are produced with the strict quality management of a pharmaceutical company. We also provide popular services such as scheduled delivery courses.
Postal code


Address 6-11-24 Tsudanuma, Narashino-shi
Phone number +81-47-453-3435
Fax +81-47-453-3432
Representative director

Yutaka Shiratori


Capital 20million yen

Business activities

Online sale of health food products (to general consumers)
Planning and manufacturing of health food products

Main products and processes

Pueraria+Krill (pueraria mirifica processed food)
Omega 3 Krill (krill extract processed food)
Nomikai Bancho (andrographis extract processed food)
Sophon (Butea superba processed food)
Nucleic acid DNA&RNA (salmon milt processed food)